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1. Function : To delint the fuzzy cotton seed for seed purpose
2. Specification :
  (a) Overall dimension : 800 x 800 x 1440
  (b) Capacity : 600 Kg/hr.
  (c) Power : 5 HP electric motor
3. General Information : This machine consists of a stainless steel container, agitator, slurry outlet and a power drive. Five kg of cotton seeds are fed into the stainless steel drum. Theagitator is rotated. Half a litre of commercial sulphuric acid is poured slowly into the container having the cotton seeds  through its periphery. Due to the churning action, the cotton fuzz is uniformly subjected to the acid reaction. At the end of 90 seconds, the acid treated seed and the slurry are washed with the water. The process of washing with water is repeated three to four times. Then, the seeds are collected and dried.
4 Salient Features  : Batch type operation.
Delinting of the seeds by acid.
The efficiency of the unit is 95%.
Seed born diseases are minimized.
Acid treated seeds are free to flow.


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